Technique: Acrylic on canvas.

A series of original works created in the city of Madrid. 1001 Meninas is a series influenced as much by the East as it is by the West. On the one hand, it evokes the Spanish Infantas, the princesses of Spain's Royal Family immortalized by 16th century artist Diego Velazquez. On the other hand, the works recall the narrative of "One Thousand and One Nights" and their enigmatic storyteller, the beautiful Arabic queen Scheherazade. Between the thin layers of paint, fluid shapes and vivid colors transport us on a journey across cultures, time, and continents. We catch a glimpse of the same feminine form, emerging in cultures so seemingly distinct, in all her beauty and mystery.

Over the past three years, the artist has created around 400 works based on the female form. It has taken over 2 years to finish the series of 1001 images. Most of the works in this series are in private collections. To consult the works available, please contact the artist.

"1001 Meninas" Madrid.