"Passing the wall"
This simbolic mural of windows and doors, that you can always cross, is a reflection about the old consept of a border-wall that devides and isolate.
Crossing this mosaic built by frames of different size it creates an enviroment full of illusions and hope to descover something new. 
Besides, I also prepared 40 peaces of woolen fabric 20x60 for planting on them wheat seeds. Some of them were taken by the locals of San Sperate to take care about the growing plants.
The plants were installed in artificial ground, like there were some green spots on Santa Elena street to attract the public and put its attantion on the origin of human beeing, the nature. 
I thank Mariano Corda, Giacomo Zucca, Mauro Cabboi  for coloboraiting in this progect, all citizens of San Sperate and all artists  for participation in this project. 

Photos by: Attila Kleb, Lasha Makharadze

"The wall of Europe". San Sperate, Sardinia.